Since 1978 we propose machines for label printing, self adhesive labels, unprotected PP and PE packaging films, machines for wine labels, machines for industrial labels, labels for cosmetic, label machines for the food industry.

The MGE Company is the leader group of a whole of companies working in the packing business.

This choice of structures is dictated by the need of ensuring a range of activities and services in all the economic contexts without increasing the costs as could be from having only one heavy and rigid structure.

This type of organization enables us to offer our customers top-of-the-range products at reasonable prices, and at the same time a certainty of everlasting durability for our companies in spite of the current economic storms which see very old companies disappearing causing serious damages to their customers such as the loss of the customer care and the loss of their machines’ value
as the disappointment for the disappearance of the certainty that buying from suppliers who had heavy structures was a guarantee of better service and high quality assistance.


The group has following activities :

- Label printing machines manufacturing
- All brands machines rebuilding
- Installation and maintenance of all types of machines in the sector of packing and printing
- Finance department for customers assistance

The main companies of the group are :

- Mge Italy
- OCC Labels France
- OCC machines the U.K.
- Etimac Italy- Etiservice Italy

Other service providers associates :

- APC Barcelona
- Euteles France
- Mechanique RC France
- Horizon Mecanik Ukraine